About Me

As a preface: I'm an odd one.

Born and raised in a small city outside of Toronto called Barrie, my journey started early:

Kindergarten: First day I noticed we had the fortune of having in indoor playground in our classroom. All I thought was: money. I used t

1997: Fell in love with the local library. I saw it as a storehouse of unlimited information and knowledge about practically any subject. I stumbled into one of Dan Kennedy's oldest books:(and least known, but highest quality). Read it, loved it, brain was never the same.

1999: The internet was the latest thing since, and aside from cleaning spam off our old family desktop from my sister's infinite Napster downloads, heard a friend at school say something about "Google" during computer time at my school. I realized that webpages could be made.

Learned that it was a place you could go on the internet to search for...anything. Brain was never the same.

That summer two friends and I wanted to make some moeny to buy new skateboards and blackcat firecrackers from one of the guys uncles who brought home bricks of them from Florida. We went doorknocking to cut lawns, we must have pestered at least 60+ houses in the neighbourhood until ONE guy gave us a chance: the local radio station report.

Don Campbell of the New VR needed his grass cut, so we did it. I was relentless in being there every 2 weeks and scooping up $20 for half an hour of work. In my head, I was a trillionare. He liked my work ethic and persistence, so he decided to put us on his news channel. I had a lightbulb moment: what if I dropped a website address and phone number when don puts me on camera?

So I did. And the next day our home landline phone blew up.

2004: Stuck in a "business" class in the mornings of first semester, I learn more about this Google thing and discovered that there was actually a science to why the websites I saw show up first when I Googled something, did. I offered to help a local auto mechanic show up better when someone searched for a mechanic in Barrie. It worked, and his phone started ringing with new customers. Brain officially upgraded.

2009: Discovered through a friend at a nightschool class that I could get paid to teach people to snowboard; brain severely upgraded. Got CASI Level 1 that winter and had the time of my life.

2010: First year of college for Sustainable Energy Engineering and Building Technology at Humber College, I loved the field as I have a passion for sustainability, progressive thinking and biomimicry, quickly realized I would make a terrible engineer. Discovered people were making money online with, what else, Google. Taught myself SEO, affiliate marketing and how to stay up all night in front of the computer. Setup a few very simple (in those days) websites and made money while others were sitting in class. Brain downgraded and upgraded. 

2012: Took a job a Whistler Blackcomb (the last few years it was still a legit resort) as a CASI Level 2 snowboard instructor. Had one the best years of my life.

2013: Learned digital marketing after easy blog rankings started to fade, made several successful campaings in several health niches. Caught in a life threatening avalanche accident. I should not be here right now typing this. God is the only know who's why you're here reading this right now. Got a job at a Sustainable Archtiecture firm to help them grow their brand and get more clients using the internet. It worked.

2018: Met Sam Davies, CEO at NutraChamps, who brought me on as aa digital marketing coordinator. I used to steal vegetables out of my neighbours garden, we both thought it was a hilarious way to express my passion for health and fitness