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Your Local SEO Expert Could Be a Massive Asset

If your inbound traffic methods require geographic foot traffic, especially at more than one location, then your Local SEO Expert is not someone who's feathers you want to ruffle.

Especially if you have multiple locations.

A Quick Phone Call with a Local SEO Specialist

Fair warning: this page has had on-page optimization, and why wouldn't it? There is one caveat though; and that's that there is no specific geo-target. Putting something up like "Local SEO Expert in Toronto" or New York or California would be a looooong fight to the top of the mountain. Then risk suspensions as a consequence for pushing on speed.


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    Nope. We like being stuck #17 in the Map Pack.
    But it doesn't have to be that way with your clients and/or projects. In fact, some local niches can see rankings pretty quickly; I have personally seen medium-competition niches pop into the "snack pack" in as little as 45 days...but don't quote me here. If you're looking for an all-around specialist, check out my SEO Specialist page, and either way go ahead and grab a Free 15 Minute Phone call with me to see if there's a good fit.

    Why You Should Treat Your Local Search Expert VERY Nicely

    Especially if you have more than 1 location that you need to rank for. There is also the division between how many leads need to be phone-driven versus walk-in foot traffic. If your clients and/or project sites are very heavily dependant on a GMB to drive results, you will want to find yourself a top local search expert to lean on.
    A Disney picture depicting how a Local SEO Consultant can usually never find the client's GMB.
    This is the one person on your team that you won't want to cheap out on, though you don't want to cheap out on any aspect of your SEO. Ever. You should also read my Link Building Specialist page to see why you should definitely not mess with them either.

    This time for very good reason: you risk GMB suspension. So if it is the case that your projects rely on local/geo-dependant traffic to bring in the bacon, you're in trouble.

    Triggering suspension has kept so many people up at night, it should actually be illegal. Nevertheless it is reality, and the big ole' G has been quite trigger happy with suspensions and re-verifications for seemingly random reasons that never used to matter before the year 2022.

    Hire a Local Search Marketing Expert?

    This is an important decision. However you also have to consider not just the demand to be filled for a local search marketing expert, but also if they are to be segmented; working solely and only on local SEO tasks. Good old Moz has a good summary of local search marketing in this post that might help clarify wether or not you need your SEO professional on those types of outputs or not.

    There is always more than one way to "skin the cat" when bringing on talent, however carefully consider the following:

    1) Do our projects/websites require a significant volume of local search traffic to increase revenue potential?
    2) Is there enough demand for Maps rankings and local traffic to warrant brining on a local search marketing expert full time?
    3) Does this person need to be an all-around SEO specialist, or will they focus solely on local?

    Local SEO Services are Still About 46% of the Market

    That's almost half. Meaning that roughly half of all demand for rankings are for local. If you're viewing this page there's a very good chance that you have a need for for local SEO rankings...quality local SEO rankings.

    This is especially important for local because of 1) the suspension issue mentioned above but also more importantly 2) getting verifications fully cemented is getting harder and harder. There are also new re-verification methods that are making it trickier to genericize GMB's and also keeping the listing healthy for years to come

    Just asking Google for a card in the mail and hammering 200+ citations doesn't seem to work so well anymore. Oh and of course, no black hat. Using tactics and strategies that could be labelled as black hat typically see quick results followed by a hard fall. Even more reason to not cheap out, and have some patience with your provider of local SEO services for your projects.
    A fantastic black hat, showing what type of thinking your Local SEO Expert should not have.

    Long-Term Local SEO Solutions Require Realism

    Telling a client "sure we can get you in the maps in like less than a month!" is a recipe for disaster. ESPECIALLY if you're trying to rank their GMB! This could leave the client empty-handed and having shell out for a new physical location to get a traditional, formal verification card again.

    However it also doesn't need to take forever if the competition is able to be challenged and leap-frogged. It does however take some realistic thinking for getting in place formidable long term local SEO solutions for high-value and commercially profitable keywords. This is mostly in terms keeping the local SEO asset safe and that top rankings stay cemented for the long term.

    An icon showing basically how your Local SEO Specialist's brain should work.

     Don't Tamper with a Local SEO Consultant

    Let. This. Person. Work. Smart.

    If you bring on a local SEO consultant, let them actually consult. This is the one person you do no want to squeeze, especially if going after multi-location maps rankings. Local rankings are simple enough to track but not as simple to push on when things aren't going as fast as you like.

    GMB rankings are a bit more fickle to move along, and it's not like you can just start hammering on links, wether high quality or low quality. Sometimes targeting a CID link with geo-relevant links sources can actually do more harm than good. Impatience is not a quality that should pervade GMB ranking efforts, in any way, shape or form. Ever.
    An industrial grade tamper, which is not what you want to act like with your Local Search Expert

    A Local SEO Expert Should Drive Traffic Not Suspensions

    Unfortunately, they're more likely to get Slack messages along the lines of "we need to see more rankings being produced in less time at less cost and zero risk of penalty".

    Apparently, the sky is red. Even though it's blue.

    Not only this, but there's a phenomenon of Google suspending ALL of your locations for trying to squeeze lemon juice on of lemon peels. This means you need to working with a very competent local SEO expert yet also you must clarify you're thinking beforehand.

    Due to the irrational nature of SEO endeavours, you probably don't want to grab your FREE 15 Minute Phone call because someone like myself will call you out on every last bit of irrationality.

    However if your outfit embraces logical, rational know what to do.


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