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Looking for an SEO Specialist?

A professional SEO specialist can be the difference between dominating a market and relying on the hope that Google will magically like you a lot and make you very popular.

P.S. They won't.

A Capable SEO Contractor 
Could be Your Secret Weapon

Fair warning: this page has had on-page optimization. That is after all, a large core element to securing top rankings for valuable keywords. There is no geo-target however go to my Local SEO Expert page to see some of my Map Pack rankings.

Finding a capable SEO contractor is no easy feat, however a good one can be a very sharp weapon in your marketing arsenal.


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    If your industry, target customers/clients/patients and marketing budget are poised for benefit from increased website traffic from the search engines, grab your Free 15 Minute Phone Call to see if there's a good fit.

    Companies I've Helped Rank with SEO Specialist Skills

    I've been fortunate to work my SEO Specialist skills with both B2B and B2C companies across many industries and seen the night-and-day difference it makes to be ranked #1 for buyer intent keywords:

    "Ok Mr. 'SEO Contractor' what were the results?"

    Look for yourself:

    Finding a Search Engine Optimization Specialist Can be Frustrating

    Why is finding a decently reliable and forward-thinking international seo specialist so frustrating? After all my years of making the nerds at Google loose sleep, it has come down to 2 things:

    1. Not understand direct response and staying too close to "by-the-book" quantification, and
    2. Not having sound business acumen to give web traffic a chance to become paying customers.

    Boss demanding the Search Engine Optimization Specialist get #1 rankings by the weekend

    The All-To-Common SEO Specialist/SEO Contractor Dilemma

    Really gifted, left-brained thinkers can conduct incredibly calculated, quantified SEO work. However, the core elements of high quality content production, on-page optimization and a sound backlink inventory are nothing new. In fact, that's the problem. 9 out of 10 SEO marketing specialists will focus on the elements that move web pages up in rankings, yet forget that once a visitor is on the page. This results in a "can't see the forest for the trees" perspective. 

    What happens on that page matters. A lot.

    It can be very easy to focus on the on-page elements that are going to drive rankings and increase traffic, and just leave it at that. But that's only really the start in a fully calculated, matured direct response marketing system. This becomes paramount, especially for a B2B SEO Specialist.

    An SEO Consultant Specialist Can be Great Too

    To put it simply, an SEO Consultant Specialist is the person who gets your website to rank high in Google, Bing, Yahoo and other various search engines. Ideally they get rankings in the #1 spot for the keywords that bring in the most high-value customers, clients, patients and/or donor. Keep in mind a professional consultant will not want to be your SEO Outreach Specialist, but they can and will consult on the endeavour.

    BrainStation, a leading technical education company has a great breakdown with further details in this article.

    This is the one person on your team that, if the search volume for your offerings and message-to-market match are ideal for organic traffic, can ensure that there is a steady stream of eyeballs looking at what your company has to offer.

    A black hat sometimes worn by a Search Engine Specialist

    So What Makes a Good Search Engine Specialist?

    A firm grip on the core SEO components is essential, ideally across several years and in multiple industries. As well it can help if the search engine specialist has ranked pages in both B2C and B2B climates, so that they have an understanding of the simple principle that different users need different content to convert clicks into cash flow. They should be somewho of a Wordpress seo specialist, and their effort should result in lead generation, not just traffic.

    Then there's backlinking. Being able to lay out a solid backlinking strategy and consistently source high quality links that don't fizzle out in 7-8 weeks and have intelligent anchor text variation is the skill that can pay the bills.

    Oh and of course, no black hat.

    An Organic SEO Specialist Should Know How Rank in the Map Pack

    They should be able to get #1 Google Map rankings over time. The need for local rankings can and do depend largely on the demand for foot-driven traffic. For example, simple questions like "how many of our highest-value customers come from Google Maps?", "how many locations do we need to rank for?", "how strong is the established competition in the map rankings?". These are items that need 100% crystal clarity before moving forward on local in any way.

    Also consider that Google has been getting stricter in terms of verifying Google My Business listings and seems to be on a hair trigger in terms of penalization. Your organic SEO specialist needs to know this and adapt it to their methodologies of getting maps rankings.

    An old Google Maps icon that an Organic SEO Specialist should recognize
    An image of a covert marksman, often times they are a lot like a Search Engine Marketing Specialist

    Isn't a Search Engine Marketing Specialist essential the same thing?

    Not quite. SEO is the practice of using organic methods of appearing in search results in an effort to increase organic traffic. SEM, on the other hand, uses paid methods to appear in search results, usually using pay-per-click.

    While both need a bigger budget than any competitor to play in the big leagues, search engine marketing utilizes paid advertising which accrues a cost for every single click a user does on an add. This makes a search engine marketing specialist way different because not only does this change vernacular dramatically, it changes how the specialist needs to shape their mind for results. 

    I Didn't Leave Out the Link Building Specialist, Don't Worry 

    I have a similar page where I walk you through a similar minefield of terror and search engine trickery, this time just in terms of link building :) I'm kidding. Kind of. Any good search engine optimization specialist should have a firm grasp of quality, rank-driving link building. This is not to be confused with an SEO content specialist.

    A properly calibrated, evergreen backlink strategy conducted with a proper cadence, anchor text variation and source rhythms can make or break a long-term SEO effort. Cheap, low quality (less we say "spammy") and too easily available links pointing to critical pages can not only inhibit can downright damage them.

    Everybody wants cheap and/or free links done yesterday, but nobody wants to deal with the consequences. This is the intellectual equivalent of shooting yourself in the foot. Check out my Link Building Specialist page for more info on what has worked best for me over the years.

    A SEO Specialist Services Provider Should Not Have Their Time Wasted

    And for good reason.....they can help grow your business by leaps and bounds. 

    After ranking over 50+ sites at the top of Google, snatching and keeping "snack pack" rankings, and keeping competitors up at night thinking about how I took their #1 ad placements, I've realized that only great companies win. Not average, not mediocre, not reactive, no toxic.....great. Jim Collins himself would be proud of this text box.

    If your company actively engages in Greatness and you're still looking for a professional Google SEO Specialist, opt-in for a Free 15 Minute Phone Call  to see if it's a good fit to exploit the search engines together.

    You're also welcome to stay at the top of Page 2.


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