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Hi' I'm Carson Crane, a Senior SEO Strategist that has worked with 20+ companies across several industries in local, B2C, e-commerce, B2B and SaaS.

I have worked in-house at both startup and established enterprises, agency-side both as an individual contributor and leading a team of 15+, and in freelance environments where I've been both the sole consultant and lead the strategic direction of SEO.

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Organic Search Strategies That Produce Results

After over 10+ years in digital marketing and SEO, I've leveraged the top 5% of SEO strategies that deliver 95% of the results in more industries for more brands than you can count on both hands.

"Easy to work with, highly communicative, and knowledgeable"

Michael Hwang
Manager, Brand Experience and Content Marketing, Seagate

"By far one of the best technical SEOs I've worked with in my marketing career"

Erika Braeger
Organic Growth Strategist, Ten Speed

An image of Robert Rehill, owner of the Amazon e-commerce marketing brand Ecommerce Veloctiy

"He’s someone that your competitors are hoping you don't have in your back pocket"

Robert Rehill
Founder, Ecommerce Velocity


Brands I've Worked With

My SEO approach has produced positive results for several well-known and top-ranked companies in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, France, Japan, Korea and South America. See for yourself some of the logos I've worked with over the years.


Drive Conversions and Pipeline, Not Just Traffic

Every SEO strategy I formulate and execute has one goal in mind: pipeline positive.

Yes, brand expansion does have it's place, but your board aren't going to take branded rankings and brand awareness to the bank. See for yourself some of the results I've driven that actually had an impact on top-line revenue, not just organic traffic.

3x YoY traffic increase for an e-commerce email marketing software

An e-commerce email marketing software provider exclusively for Shopify stores was struggling to translate content and brand positioning into organic traffic.

 A full-funnel content calendar was laid out, with an emphasis on front-loading blog content to capitalize on seasonal themes and max out Black Friday/Cyber Monday. The results was a 3x increase in organic traffic for BFCM season and a doubling of overall blog traffic in less than 5 months.

Tripling BOFU core page traffic with on-page and technical optimzations

A leading customer engagement platform provider had not properly optimized their most commercially important BOFU core pages had over near duplicate content and severe overlap in keyword targets.

Each core page was given its own high buyer intent keyword theme to allow for segmented targeting and were re-optimized for BOFU search terms. This more than tripled organic traffic that lead to 2x as many core page less than one business quarter.

Ranking two thought leadership blog posts #1 within 60 days of publication

A cybersecurity services provider that didn't have a massive backlink profile or extremely high domain metrics wasn't targeting the right content topics. 

We pivoted the strategy and in less than 60 days two thought leadership pieces were ranking #1 and driving a significant amount of traffic that lead to inbound leads mentioning "a really great blog post" during first sales conversations.


Skills and Expertise That Get Results

It's 2024 and SEO has changed, and is changing, faster than ever. Leverage a decade+ of web development, digital marketing, SEO and analytics of agency, in-house, freelance and fractional roles.

Content Strategy

✅ full-funnel content mapping
✅ keyword research
✅ content briefs + writer management
✅ competitive and market analysis
✅ internal link architecture

Technical SEO

✅ technical audits + debt remediation
✅ log files/server analysis
✅ .js script management
✅ schema implementation
✅ site architecture + navigation optimization

Data & Analytics

✅ organic traffic projections and forecasting
✅ GTM, GA and GSC implementation
✅ online/offline conversion tracking
✅ data visualization and dashboarding
✅ database query filtering and scrubbing

Project Management

✅ project timeline and execution mapping 
✅ CRM/sales team integration
✅ PM software/platform integration
✅ enterprise budget management 
✅ client-facing communications


Leave Wasted Market Budgets To Your Competitors

If your organic search results are not translating into measurable business development and revenue increase, contact me below to see if I have availability/interest.

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