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Competitors Beware

Carson is a Direct Response Marketing and SEO Strategist who has exploited everything from the Yellowpages, direct mail and selling a car to his college professor (yes, it was highly profitable)... growing the 2nd fastest growing eCommerce company in Canada with one digital media platform...a search engine.

Yes he's human, until: you give him competitor data.
TELL ME MORENo. I don't like page 1.

Seasoned SEO Strategist + Old School Direct Response Principles = Nitro and Glycerin

If you think that sounds like a "one-of-a-kind" analogy, you'd be right. 

An image of an TNT bomb, which is exactly what a great SEO expert is
What happens when a user lands on a page via search...matters. A lot. Many SEO strategists get bogged down in technical and on-page elements that do play a critical factor in achieving rankings. 

However, if the page in question does not use direct response marketing principles, that's just one more visitor that didn't turn into a lead or take the next step. Your accountant is the only one happy here.

Worse yet is that companies and that HR departments are unfortunately, once again since the 1800's, seeing skilled labour as disposable commodities, easily and economically sourced, abused and disposed of on the internet.


Carson's SEO Strategist Experience

Below is a breakdown:

Technical SEO

Sound technical SEO is the foundation of strong rankings, "the wiring under the hood":

- Technical SEO audit
- XML sitemap creation
- Website architecture
- AMP page and mobile first indexing
- Page speed optimization
- Structured data markup
and more

On-Page SEO

Once technical foundations are taken care of, target pages need some bricks and mortar:

- On-page optimization audit
- Heading text semantic ordering and tagging
- Image alt text tagging
- On-page keyword density
- Internal linking
- External linking
and more

Local SEO

If Google Business Profile rankings fit the bill:

- GBP audit and optimization
- Citation stacking
- Website architecture
- Automated AMP pages
- Page speed optimization
- Structured data markup
and more

Off-Page SEO

We of course can't forget one of the most ongoing SEO tasks:

- Link portfolio audit
- Anchor text ratio analysis
- Target URL strategy
- Link sourcing
- Disavow toxic links
- Link indexing
and more

“We still miss that famous morning coffee! As a marketing manager, team member, or a leader, Carson earns my highest recommendation.”
- Sam Davies, Founder & CEO, NutraChamps

The Evolution of an SEO Strategist

Though he still doesn't consider himself an "SEO expert" he had to, and rightfully so,  pick a main keyword for his home page. Read below to see the evolution of a Direct Response Marketing and SEO Strategist.


He in love with the library. His school had kids on computers more and more and one day a friend mentioned something about "Google". He spent his spare time learning about computers, the internet, websites, search engines and "Google". His brain was never the same.


A community network connection heard he was "good with computers" and asked if he could help with his auto repair website. He offered to work for free to see if he could help. He got a #1 ranking in a city of 140,000 and the phone blew up with new customers. Carson was then handsomely paid. Brain = upgraded.


Went to technical college for Sustainable Energy and Building Technology Engineering. He was a terrible engineer; marketing was more fun. He left after first year to teach snowboarding at the best resorts in Canada. He "Googled" in his spare time, ranking simple lead generation sites and making affiliate commissions. Carson was commissioned handsomely. Brain exponentially upgraded.


A valued network connection found out that he had gotten "really good at computers" and asked if he could help their company get seen higher in Google. He worked for free until page 1 was achieved, which it was, and Carson was handsomely compensated. He was brought on with the title of Digital Marketing Specialist before Ryan Deiss ruined the definition. Brain can't go back.


He met and befriended the most brilliant entrepreneur Toronto doesn't know exists. He needed a digital marketer to help him launch more products and grow the brand. CARSON told him "let me come In for free, splash some paint on the canvas and see what we can make happen". He exploited Amazon's search engine for massive revenue and growth. He was paid very handsomely. Brain beyond the point of no return.


A colleague he met at the Amazon brand started an eCommerce agency, getting brands more sales and market share on and off Amazon. He begged and bribed Carson to work with him. They lead a small team and they doubled the client roster and made magic happen, he have Carson the role of Director. Carson was paid very, very generously. Then he wanted to work with even bigger clients. Brain is gone for good. 


Carson was brought on as Director in the most formidable and competent Toronto SEO Company. He lead a team of 16 SEO, PPC and Web Development specialists. He worked on 1000+ employee enterprise-level SEO client accounts internationally. He was very well paid. A company heard about what he was doing and offered him a fractional CMO contract to setup and scale commercial SEO efforts. Both times, Carson was paid very generously. Brain is in outer space.


Your turn.

An SEO Specialist Could Be Your Secret Weapon

Take #1 spots and securing the "king of the hill" positioning, while competitors lose sleep and fly to spiritual retreat seminars in Sedona. You can also check out his SEO Specialist page because, well, the home needed needed a solid contextually related interlink.

Carson's SEO Strategist Toolbox

He thinks that people ask the question "what tools do you use?" too often and too much, but here are the tools he has used and uses:

CMS & Platforms 

You can also view the never-ending tool list page.

and for all of you irrational creatures of commerce out that there don't (can't) think accurately...

Yes, Carson has worked with "Agile".
NO that does not mean Agile is the "perfect" project management methodology.

Unfiltered + contrarian.

The Old Economy is dead forever. Never to return.

The internet may be the best - but more so, the worst - thing to happen to direct response marketing. And humanity.

Learn what really  matters when it comes to creating a flood of traffic that makes your competition lose sleep.

Not for the Faint of Heart

Carson does not speak in corporate Parseltongue. If you're not a fan of reality, the cold hard truth, accurate thinking, etc. than stay away. Far, far away.

Companies That Carson Has Worked With

⚫ $2.4mm driven in client revenue
⚫  3x growth in client roster
⚫  1,200%+ avg. client traffic increase
⚫  48+ URLS ranking in the #1 spot
⚫  $3.1mm+ driven in client revenue
⚫  200%+ avg. client sales growth
⚫  39% increase in client retention
⚫  53% avg. drop in client ACoS
⚫  500%+ monthly growth
⚫  $100k/month+ in sales growth
⚫  7% refund rate reduction
⚫  21% operational efficiency growth
⚫  5799% growth in one year
⚫  $20mm+ in organic sales revenue
⚫  $2.3mm+ in paid sales revenue
⚫  $372k+ in ad budget savings

Go Giver

There are two types of companies, givers and takers. Takers only focus on the bottom line. That's a small-minded treadmill...burn any bridges yet?

 Givers focus on the big picture. If Carson can do it, you can do it. 

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